Lifecycleofstuff is a project by 2B , an ecoinnovation lab specialized in Life Cycle Assessment, ecodesign, environmental communication. This is the result of our passion and it has grown over time among our many other projects. It is a self-funded, nonprofit initiative and for this reason it has been sometimes overridden by projects commissioned by clients, but at the same time it has also been inspired by them. This project arises from the wish to explain scientific concepts about sustainability in a simple way, enabling consumers to become more critical, ask questions, make up their mind and make more informed choices. This project has been imagined, written and rewritten over time, put on hold and restarted again, discussed over lunch and coffee break, and definitely stimulated by many daily experiences. Read it, use it as it is or to get new inspiration, forward it (please quote the source, thanks!), and get in touch with us, we’d love it.

The Lifecycleofstuff team

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